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Most Nigerians, either in Nigeria or in diaspora, culturally have their roots in a village which they referred to as their ancestral home. Over the years these villages have largely been abandoned by the adult population who have progressively migrated to towns and cities in Nigeria and to other countries in search of better education and economic opportunities. Left in the villages are mostly women and children.

Having achieved some of their goals, including building up reasonable disposable funds, they often feel a strong desire to give something back to their ancestral homes.

However, given their busy lives and distance from their villages, they often find it difficult to deploy their funds efficiently and project manage their chosen charity initiatives in an effective and sustainable way. More importantly, they are invariably unable to measure the impact of their contributions to their communities, often leading to disillusionment and project abandonment.

In direct response to these challenges, UCEP has developed a partnership programme for Nigerians in Nigeria and in diaspora to help them deliver primary school scholarship projects in the partner’s own family village. Here is an opportunity for each family to make a long-lasting mark on your own village and in their family’s name. It will be the:

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