UCEP 2022 International Children’s Day Event

The 2022 International Children’s Day, when children all over the world are celebrated, was marked by UCEP pupils in a memorable event.

In keeping with UCEP’s core aim of not only giving children good education, but also coaching and mentoring them in worthy character-building practices from a young age, the theme for the event was chosen from one of UCEP’s key values of “Compassion/Kindness”.

With the support of parents and UCEP coordinators, the children identified the aged and infirm men and women of the village community. They wrote messages of good wishes and prepared surprise parcels of gifts which they went round and presented to those they had chosen in the village. The families visited thanked the children for remembering them and expressed their happiness for the love the children had shown them.

Then the children returned to participate in fun activities such as questions and answers, special presentations, singing, and dancing competitions, etc.
In recognition of their good deeds of kindness, the children were then presented with gifts of educational materials such as books, pens, pencils, etc. The event ended with light refreshments, cakes, sweets for the scholars and their peers who came to witness the event.