What have we been up to?

One of the unique features of UCEP is our commitment to, not only paying school fees for our young scholars, but also going that extra mile to coach and mentor them in good-character building practices so that they avoid joining gangs and grow into exemplary citizens.

Several times a year UCEP organises events during which our children are assembled in a village hall, and in the presence of some parents and village elders, they are taught the importance and practice of UCEP’s key values. These values include compassion/kindness, respect for others, courage to stand for what is right, honesty, humility, and discipline.

The teaching materials are produced by our very experienced education/operations team including Sara Buttimore, Alison Pengelly, and Carole Hastings, and delivered in the villages by our dedicated Coordinators led by Chinasa Okoroafor.

The accompanying video tells the story.